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  • Enjoy Ball Apricots
    Enjoy Ball Apricots

    "The Luxury of Eating Healthy" The Enjoy Ball Apricots are organic,...

  • Cruncy

    "The Luxury of Eating Healthy" The Cruncy are organic, vegan and...

  • Tranky

    "The Luxury of Eating Healthy" The Tranky are organic, vegan and...

  • Funky

    "The Luxury of Eating Healthy" The Funky are organic, vegan and...



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About us

Happyraw S.r.l.
☎ +39 0546 46113 - Via Mengolina, 9 - Faenza (RA) - Italy 

P.Iva 03617211200 N° REA:BO-533302 Privacy

Our mission

Offer good, absolute quality foods that are real nutrientsand not just harmful fillers.

☞ All our products are prepared exclusively with certified organic and completely gluten-free plant foods.

  • No dairy products or milk
    No preservatives
    No added sugar
    No animal products
    No gluten
    No cooking (above 42 ° C)


When taste meets health.

For health and true well-being it is not enough to follow a vegetarian or even a vegan diet, it is necessary to take another step ...
... the ideal would be to eat exclusively with foods of vegetable origin and strictly raw, or alive.

This does not necessarily mean having to limit your diet to just fresh fruit or vegetables, with raw food you can achieve high health status by rediscovering the natural well-being savoring a wide variety of refined dishes and unique taste.

Raw food is a food style that can be considered truly healthy and NATURAL.

Find out more about raw food: raw-food